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The Black Madonna of Chartres

Today and earlier in history, many have visited the Chartres Cathedral and the location where it was build. Today like earlier, pilgrims and visitors can admire the wondrous architecture unfolded by craftsmen who, at the time they build, were able to manifest a masterpiece of a new type and particularly filled with mysteries: the gothic. Today still, the gothic master-builders’ secrets are preserved within brotherhoods whose members have received their knowledge through master-to-apprentice lineage since the 12th century. Filled with wonders and secrets, Chartres Cathedral is a monument now part of UNESCO World Heritage. Book references to the Cathedral are numerous. It holds many treasures of architecture and iconography. Chartres Cathedral also has one particularity no other possess: its Black Madonna.

The Black Madonna of Chartres is not the only one in the world. In Europe only, there is around forty major Black Madonna statues. They are places of pilgrimage. In certain locations, they have been revered for millenia. Black colored Madonna or Goddesses are well known. Already the Egyptians depicted the Goddess Isis with the colour black. However, the origins of Black Madonnas are still shrouded in mystery. And the one in Chartres, chosen by the Knight Templars while predating them, is even more special.

In today’s world, iconography “experts” or art historians who studied Black Madonnas have based their research mainly on physical evidences they had; in addition, they drew their conclusions primarily using the mental energy of logic. This view point is correct, but also incomplete, as the experiences of people with the Black Madonnas are intimate, primarily anchored in their emotions, they are experiences using an intuitively oriented energy. Thus, upon setting aside this portion of their brain’s habilities, researchers were not able to sufficiently activate their Whole Brain Thinking to access the true sources of the Black Madonnas.

Whole Brain Thinking allows one to understand the “mystery” of the Black Madonna in Chartres Cathedral, because that “mystery” resides in the perception and usage of very high frequency electro-magnetic energies.

As energies within the brain are balanced, the efficiency of the brain increases and its heightened speed for information processing allows the brain to perceive and use higher levels of electro-magnetic frequencies in activity. Such energies are only availaible when the brain is not engaged in seeking balance between the mental energy of logic and the emotional energy of intuition. Thus, in today’s world, the constant stress imposed on the electro-magnetic functions of the brain, among other factors by wireless devices and transmissions, prevents most people from feeling or perceiving high frequency energies, also called spiritual energies by some and God’s Energies of Unconditional Magnetic Love and Unceasing Electric Light by others. Spiritual energies were customarily used by Ancients Ones who knew how to activate their Whole Brain Thinking (to get free Whole Brain Thinking activation techniques, see the section on Spiritual Techniques from the Inner Circle).

Long before Chartres Cathedral was erected, during a time period now so remote that the man called Jesus was not even born, people faced countless dangers, sometimes comming from far away, to arrive at the location later chosen to build Chartres Cathedral. They came there to revere the statue of a black colored woman with a child. This Black Madonna was called Notre Dame de Sous Terre, because she was kept within a cave, underground, and her representation is the one now surfaced within the Cathedral. This place was sacred and ancient knowledge had been used to spot the location: those setting foot there would benefit from a wondrous amount of Unconditional Love heightened energies. These energies of the “Spirit” enabled pilgrims to witness healing miracles in their lives. Accordingly, the symbol of this Black Madonna had been associated with the benefits that Earth, our “Mother”, could give with the Unconditional Love she had and continues to have for all her “children”.

The same healing energies Earth provides in a heightened manner at spiritually powerful places such as Chartres are availaible to all with a personal work of activation. As explained in detail in our Creation Book, the highest electro-magnetic energies of our universe travel astronomical distances and many frequency levels to reach us. In our solar system, the entry point for those energies is the sun giving us, with an unceasing supply of sunlight, all of the life forces we need. The energies from the sun are electro-magnetic and have received many names throughout human history: “prana”, “agape”, “breath of God”, “spice”, etc. This multiplicity of names often created mazes of confusion in the collective knowledge and could have made one forget that these energies all come from the same source, God through the Sun of God.

In today’s western world, peoples who understood and respected the role of the sun in the exercise of Creation are often depicted as primitive and/or superstitious. However, those who understand and respect the functions of the sun in Creation know the sun to be a conduit for God’s energies. They also know how to use this knowledge and cognize Healing Techniques using those Natural Energies. In that manner, the electro-magnetic pranic life force energies from the sun can be used to heal oneself, as well as to care for others and heal those who are ready, without using expensive medicine or processes leading to negative side-effects (read the section on our Natural Energy Healing Treatments).

Throughout human history, Master Teachers have repeatedly come to resurrect ancient knowledge and give those who are ready gems of wisdom and sacred techniques. Proper practice of sacred techniques enable those who are ready to attain “True Knowledge” of the wisdom they study. This combination has been called “True Knowledge” because one is unable to truly know a subject in life without personal experience of this subject and wisdom about it, along with integration of both.

With teachings and techniques from a living Master, people have been able to attain the Enlightenment of True Knowledge about life and Creation. However, it requires constant daily efforts from one, and once the Master is gone, followers and descendants arduously carry on with daily practice of sacred techniques in original purity. In time, True Knowledge is lost, wisdom gets organized into “religion”, and most of the techniques dissipates from the conscious awareness of descendants.

This repeated loss of True Knowledge on Creation resulted in many references about myths, legends and “mysteries” in life, because once True Knowledge is lost, no one is able to completely explain information anymore. However, myths, legends and mysteries are rooted in once alive True Knowledge and speaks to people’s hearts. Thus, even if logic no longer allows one to understand what those “mysteries” hold, a blind faith process enables some to continue to adhere to precepts in which they feel a core of truth. It is the process used by religions using the “mysteries of faith” method of worship.

Now understand that scriptures in various religions, who are rarely meaningful for a logic oriented mind, do have a meaning, first hidden allegorically (to protect the knowledge) before being lost. Behind allegories, the meaning of “mysteries” is found, a meaning that ancient ones were able to explain with the words of their times.

The presence of a feminine representation in a place such as Chartres, where the powers of Unconditional Love have manifested themselves for pilgrims comming in devotional visits is meaningful. It can also be felt how the figure of a Mother reflects the healing energies of the spiritually powerful place where Chartres Cathedral has been built.

However, the “mystery” of the black color of this Madonna and other ones found worldwide remains intact for “experts”. Despite numerous studies, iconography specialists have not been able to piece together that riddle, in order to give a complete and satisfying answer to the question.

And yet, the color black, chosen to depict these Madonnas was deliberately chosen. It was chosen to reflect a knowledge possessed by Ancient Ones but which, assailed by inquisitions, censorship and spiritual slumberness, slowly began to dissipate in the expansive reservoir of the “mysteries” and even ended up feeding the most fundamental of humanity’s fears.

The color black has always been used to represent Unconditional Love.

Life force energies come from God and are relayed to us by the Sun of God. Upon studying legends, myths and sacred tales from various peoples who understood and revered the importance and part played by the sun, reference to a “hidden” force beyond humain capacity of perception is sometimes noticed. It is true for Shiva with his Lotus blossom lecture, where he has refered to the energies sustaining stars such as our sun using the image of the lotus stem. The stem is hidden below the surface of water, but it nourrishes the bud to enable the visible petals to bloom. In the book discussing how Science Meets Religion on Common Ground, explanation is given as to how the Galactic Central Sun of our Milky Way galaxy gave birth to our solar sun and unceasingly sends electro-magnetic energies to the sun. In turn, our “Milky Way Group Consciousness receives a massive flow of energies, millions of times more powerful than our sun, from our universe’s Group Consciousness and diverts, or transfers, these energies in transdimensional pranic energy tubes, or wormholes in space, to the millions of Indras, solar suns/stars, in our galaxy. This energy exchange between 12th dimensional Vishnu and millions of 10th dimensional Indras, in the center of our galaxy, is so energetically intense that all we can see of this magnificent process, down here in the denseness of our 3rd dimension, is a “Black Hole”.

Ancient Ones knew that the most powerful energies from God come from the Galactic Sun of God or center of the Milky Way. Accordingly, the “making of deities in the black energetic image of God has been reflected in spiritual artwork worldwide: in pictures of Vishnu in India, paintings of Isis in Egypt and the famous “Black Madonnas” of Europe, including the energetic “Black Madonna” located in the Knights Templar constructed Chartres Cathedral in France”.

Chartres Cathedral had been dedicated to “Our Lady” by the Knight Templars. The order of the Knight Templars came into existence with direct experience of the processes at work in Creation. The Knight Templars were also aware of the energies in Chartres, and using their wondrous uncoverings now almost a millenium old, they were able to cognize the true history of the western world, including the effects of ancestral memories coded in the DNA link of humanity with the Ancient Ones.

DNA ancestral memories are a priceless source of information, that may be used to enhance one’s personnal connection to heightened electro-magnetic energies of God through the Suns of God. And so it that, using knowledge they resurrected with the Ark of the Covenant, the Knight Templars built a Monument made to uplift one by reminding humanity’s priceless spiritual heritage.

This basic information about the Black Madonna of Chartres and the meaning of the her presence at this location is a beginning. True Knowledge about why the Knight Templars had a special reverence for “Our Lady” is so profound that we feel only a personal experience enables one to unravel this secret, on the site, in Chartres, with a Personnal Tour within the heightened energies of Unconditional Love of the Knight Templars’ Black Madonna.

Chapel to “Our Lady” Chartres Black Madonna and Child (northen side of the Ambulatory).

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