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The Secret Beginnings of the
Knights Templar

The Knights of the Temple, or Knights Templar, were the most mystical and mysterious of the knighthoods in the Middle Ages of the western world.

In fact, the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar was so secret, that history does not record most of their names as Knights Templar. The spiritual techniques used by the Inner Circle were so powerful that they enabled the group to remain a worldwide spiritual power for 700 years, from the early 12th century to the early 19th century.

The Knights Templar did not end with the insidious and cowardly attacks in the middle of the night that fateful Friday the 13th in October 1307.

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar began in the 1100s and their worldwide influence lasted into the 1800s.

The Knights Templar did not begin in Jerusalem, nor did they begin in 1118. In 1114, four years earlier, the Bishop of Chartres, in France, wrote about the Knights Templar, as the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar began in Scotland and France.

There is much confusion about the Knights Templar, due to the cowardly attacks on Friday the 13th by French troops and papal mercenaries. Many lies and complete distortions of facts were devised by the French king and Italian pope to justify their horrific actions. (The so-called Knights Templar information released in French courts was obtained under extreme torture. Captured Knights Templar were tortured for years in order to obtain confessions. After years of torture, anyone will admit to anything).

The Knights Templar began in Scotland, with the DNA ancestral memory activations of a Davidic Lineage descendant, by the Stone of the Covenant, in the early years of the 12th century A.D.

In the sixth century B.C., a Tamar of the Davidic Lineage buried the Ark of the Covenant and fled Jerusalem before Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians captured the city. This Tamar was the daughter of the king, and she, together with the biblical prophet, Jeremiah, took one of the Stones from the Ark of the Covenant and fled to Ireland. Tamar, in time, married an Irish king and later their Celtic descendants migrated to Scotland to intermarry with the Picts. The Picts had originally migrated to Scotland from India, and thus their bloodlines contained the DNA ancestral memories of India’s ancient “Blue Race”.

In the late 11th century, the DNA bloodlines of the Davidic Lineage Irish Tamar and Blue Race Lineage Picts merged with the DNA from the two Davidic Lineage Tamars of Gaul. And so it was that a royal male Scot was born containing three unique strains of DNA ancestral memories.

The Scot was shown the Stone from the Covenant, also known at the “Rock of Israel”, while a child by his mother and father. The young Scot’s mother and father were of the pure Davidic Lineage, and hereditary Guardians of the Stone from the Ark of the Covenant. The location of the Stone of the Covenant is, and always was, kept secret. The boy was forbidden to enter the secret and sacred chamber that contained the Stone, except when accompanied by at least one of his parents. However, the Stone from the Ark so fascinated the boy that several times he was severely punished for secretly visiting the Stone by himself.

One day his father was in such a bad mood, that even his wife, normally above his moods, was even moving quietly around the castle to give him a lot of space. Known for having a fierce temper, everyone was giving him space as no one wanted to give him any reason for him to vent his anger at them. And so it was in this foul mood, that the father discovered his son had disobeyed him again, and was visiting the Stone by himself.

The father’s angry roar of his son’s name caused even battle-hardened elite soldiers and knights to wince. His wife came running. After hearing her husband roar out their son’s name several more times and the crashing of a door opened in fury, there was dead silence throughout the castle. Fearing the worst, she rushed into the doorway, muffled a cry with her hand, burst into tears and quickly knelt beside her husband, who was already kneeling on the floor in prayer.

At the far side of the room unaware of his parents, stood their son, holding up the Stone from the Ark of the Covenant. His hair was flared out in an electro-magnetic energy display, and Light was shining from the symbols that had been carved into the Stone of the Covenant by Jeremiah, Moses/Ankhnaten and others.

Periodically, the DNA ancestral memories of two, or more, separate lineages are combined to create a unique physical body that is a living library of the ancestral memories of spiritual lineages. Thus, like Jesus, as the young Scot held up the Stone of the Covenant, the symbols lit up in an electro-magnetic charged display, as the DNA ancestral memory retrieval process unfolded, to the young Scot.

And so it was that the founder and first member of the Knights Templar awakened.

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