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The Knights Templar Inner Circle Recovers
the Ark of the Covenant

The secret of the young Scot's awakening by the Stone from the Ark of the Covenant quickly spread, but only to select family members. One of the young Scot’s cousins, upon privately hearing of the DNA activation by the Stone from the Covenant, asked if the young Scot would visit the French side of his family, so he could hear about this wondrous experience in person, and discuss the information.

And so it was that the mystical young Scot went to visit his equally mystical cousin in France, the man who became known as St. Bernard of Clairvaux, or Bernard de Clairvaux. Upon hearing more information about the activation by the Stone from the Ark of the Covenant and that the “downloaded information” from the Stone, included the location of the buried Ark of the Covenant, other French and Flemish family members were brought into the discussion.

Thus began the original Inner Circle of the Knights Templar, comprised of Flemish, French and Scottish family members of the young Scot.

As more family members joined the group from various parts of Europe, information about their secret gatherings began to leak out. Then in 1114, the Bishop of Chartres began talking openly about the Knights Templar. Thus, one of the Inner Circle, Hugues de Payens, (later to become the First Grand Master of the Knights Templar), in 1115, gave a large section of land to St. Bernard of Clairvaux on which to build a Cistercian monastery.

The monastery enabled the Inner Circle to meet privately and secretly on a regular basis. In this manner, the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar and the Cistercian monks formed a secret spiritual alliance, based upon the teachings/techniques of The True Jesus, Moses and others, that lasted many years. (There were few Cistercian centers in 1128, however in just 25 years, 300 new abbeys were built.) The Cistercian monastery became the center of the Inner Circle, for planning the recovery of the Ark of the Covenant, and later, for the translation of the priceless treasures from the Ark.

Once plans were completed for the secret removal and transportation of the Ark to the monastery, the official history of the Knights Templar began in Jerusalem. Family members went to Jerusalem in 1118 and began excavations of the Ark of the Covenant and its priceless treasures. And so it was that the Ark of the Covenant was excavated by the Knights Templar, under the direction of the young Scot with his family members, who were the founders of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar, like many ancient spiritual organizations, was comprised of levels. There were 3 main levels, or circles, within the Knights Templar in the 12th and 13th centuries. These levels and circles did change as a result of October 13, 1307, and within a few hundred years, only the Inner Circle remained.

  1. The historically known Knights Templar, with their Grand Masters, where Senior Knights Templar taught certain spiritual techniques and wisdom to all Knights Templar.
  2. Certain advanced members of the Priory De Scion secretly taught Senior Knights Templar at the request of the Inner Circle. The advanced members of the Priory of Scion were also known for their accomplishments in various fields of endeavor, but they all had one thing in common. Each one was a “Teacher/Trainer” of Senior Knights Templar, and all had been personally taught secret wisdom from the Ark by one or more members of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar.
  3. The previously unknown Inner Circle of the Knights Templar. The Inner Circle consisted of people both known and unknown in the history books of western civilization.

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar, in the beginning, consisted of the Scot, together with his Flemish, French and Scottish family members, like St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugues de Payens and Hugues de Champagne.

And so it was in 1128 AD, protected by the 9 publicly known Knights Templar, that the recovered Ark of the Covenant was secretly moved from Jerusalem into France.

The priceless treasure of the Ark of the Covenant is not earthly treasure, or any form of monetary wealth. The priceless treasures of the Ark were the wisdom and powerful spiritual techniques from Jesus, Moses/Ankhnaten and others, along with the truth about the entire history of humanity.

The young Scot was able to work within the heightened electro-magnetic energies of the Ark and the Stones of the Covenant because of his DNA purity and his daily usage of the spiritual techniques, which he had received during the Stone of the Covenant DNA activation, as a child. Thus, the young Scot was able to safely work within the heightened energies of the Ark. Others who did not have DNA purity and did not perform daily activations of their own Spirit, or Light Body’s heightened electro-magnetic energy fields could not work within the higher level electro-magnetic energies emanating from the Ark, without encountering problems in their physical bodies. Only those with pure DNA, who daily work with heightened electro-magnetic energies, can physically withstand the highly charged energies that emanated from the Ark and the Stones of the Covenant.

In order to help his cousin, Bernard, and others, understand the priceless spiritual treasures of the Ark, the young Scot removed the Stones of the Covenant, (for study only), one Stone at time. When the study of the symbols on one Stone was completed by himself, Bernard and/or other family members, the Scot would return the Stone. The Scot knew, from his DNA activation that it was necessary to always maintain the energetic balance of the Ark. Thus the Stone, which Tamar and Jeremiah originally took with them to Ireland/Scotland, was used to temporarily replace each Stone, as the other Stones, one by one were taken out of the Ark for study.

Later, the Stones and Ark were moved from France to Scotland. Thus, when French troops and papal mercenaries attacked the Knights Templar French headquarters in the middle of that fateful Friday the 13th night, they did not find the Ark or any of its priceless treasure.

(The Ark and Stones of the Covenant, along with the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar were in Scotland that Friday the 13th night in October 1307. And so it was that from Friday, October 13, 1307 into the present day, Friday the 13th has been, and is, considered to be an unlucky day.)

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