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Science Meets Religion on Common Ground

In his final three-hour public lecture, Gary Smith used his recently completed version of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory to explain macro and micro questions in modern day physics.

Using this same scientific information, he demonstrates how the Creation stories of Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam are the same story described in seemingly different analogies, including:

  • How India’s Kali and the Madonna in France’s Chartres Cathedral represent the same aspect of humanity.
  • How India’s Indra and ancient Egypt’s sun god are the same being, or deity.
  • Why the Bible states that Light was created by God on the first day, but also says that the sun was not created until the fourth day.
  • Portions of Shiva’s Lotus Blossom lecture from thousands of years ago and much more.

Of particular interest to those in philosophy, this lecture provides:

  • A Precise Definition of God in terms of Science’s Electro-Magnetic Energies.
  • How Free Will Determines Consciousness Throughout Every Level in Creation.
  • A Unique Description of Individuality in Unity Consciousness.
  • How Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light comprise everything in Creation.

For those in physics, this lecture provides:

  • A new Unified Field Theory linking the micro and macro aspects of our universe.
  • A theory that explains randomness in action at the quantum/micro level of our universe.
  • A theory that describes the micro and macro functions of “Wormholes in Space.”
  • A theory that shows how the Eiffel Tower energy tube enters our universe and beyond.
  • An explanation of Transdimensional Strings in macro and micro terms.

Smith’s lecture shows how Humanity evolved through the combination of both Religion’s Creationism and Science’s Theory of Evolution.

This lecture is available for purchase in two formats:

  • As an audio recording on a set of three compact discs.
  • A book of 52 pages printed in the "small" book format (5.5 inches by 8.5 inches) with a blue cover and tan/crème colored pages.

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