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Ancient Egyptian Hall of Records Book

This book contains the wondrous information of Creation used by Jesus, Moses/Ankhnaten, ThothMoses III and others. This book contains a summation of the thousands of years of wisdom that was deposited 3,500 years ago by the Pharaoh ThothMoses/Tuthmosis III in his Mystery School’s Egyptian Hall of Records.

This book covers the entire process of the Creation. This includes the complete energetic process used by God to create a multi-dimensional universe. These multi-dimensions, or multiple Kingdoms of Heaven, include our 3rd dimension, which is the birthplace of the Individualized Consciousnesses of Angels. Angels incarnate into 3rd dimensional physical bodies to experience individualization.

Includes a wealth of wisdom about the creation of planets, solar systems, Angels, Archangels and much more.

The book contains detailed information about life and death in a 3rd dimensional temporary human physical body. The entire birth process and connection of a permanent Earthly Spirit Light Body to a temporary human physical body is described.

In addition, to assist hospice workers throughout the world, the following questions are answered about death, as well as the step-by-step dying process of disconnecting permanent conscious awareness from a temporary human body. Questions answered included, “Why do some people fear death and others do not”, “What is death”, “What happens to ‘me’ as my body is dying” and “What happens to ‘me’ after the death of my physical body?”

To help everyone understand the Enlightenment process, both the description and the process of attaining the state of Consciousness referred to as Enlightenment, is written in the understandable words which we use today.

Quite simply, it is the product of a lifetime’s work, a book that contains an enormous amount of wisdom from the ancients, that has been updated into today’s language.

The book is a large full sized spiral bound 8.5” by 11”. There are 44 pages of information, including 9 pages of techniques. Cost is $15 each plus $4 shipping for US and $5 for international shipments.

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