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Inner Circle of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar organization consisted of three levels, or circles, of knights as follows:

  1. The first level consisted of the publicly known Knights Templar who performed Templar duties throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.
  2. The second level was comprised of the lesser known Knights Templar who were responsible for teaching and maintaining the purity of the organization’s spiritual techniques.
  3. The third level of the Knights Templar was unknown to the public. The third level of knights were members of the legendary Inner Circle of the Knights Templar who safeguarded and used the priceless treasures from the Ark of the Covenant.

“Priceless Treasure” is an ancient term used to describe the benefits one receives from sacred teachings. Priceless is a term used to describe something that is beyond material wealth. Priceless Treasure refers to spiritual wealth. In this case, the term “Priceless Treasures” refers to the sacred teachings and techniques that had been carved into the Stones of the Covenant by Moses and others.

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar, early in the 12th century, recovered the Ark of the Covenant that had been buried in 588 BC before Jerusalem was captured by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. All knights who became members of the knighthood, known in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries as the Knights Templar, were taught certain of the spiritual techniques carved upon the Stones, or Tablets, that were carried inside the Ark of the Covenant. As select knights progressed in their spiritual abilities, they were taught higher and higher levels of secret, spiritual techniques.

The same spiritual techniques used by the Knights Templar are now being made available to those who are ready in the 21st century by the descendants of the 12th century Inner Circle of the Knights Templar.

There are 4 levels of spiritual techniques that were used by the original members of the Inner Circle and that are used today by their descendants.

Basic Techniques which were taught to all Knights Templar. These techniques were taught in a special knighthood ceremony. Basic Knights Templar Techniques include a sitting prayer/meditation, an activity prayer/mantra and “centering”, or emotional/mental energy balancing techniques.

Intermediate Techniques include activations of one’s Angelic and Archangelic energy levels, or Light Bodies, as well as special Healing Techniques. Intermediate level techniques were taught to those Knights Templar who were ready to advance into levels of Enlightenment.

Advanced Techniques were taught to those few Knights Templar who were selected to become teachers of the Knights Templar Techniques.

Masters level Techniques were the special techniques as used by the original members of the 12th century’s Knights Templar Inner Circle and today by their 21st century descendants.

We, the descendants of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle, have decided we are in the darkest age of humanity’s history and that we will once again, make certain of these techniques, available to all of the people around the world who are ready to properly receive them.

The  Basic Knights Templar Spiritual Techniques are special and the descendants of the Knights Templar's Inner Circle, have decided to make them available for distribution to those who are ready.

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