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Chartres A Spiritually Powerful Place

Many books and schools of thought refer to Chartres Cathedral as a special energy place. However, a few could clearly define what they mean by referring to those “energies.”

This website is dedicated to the famous Chartres Cathedral and also to the release of knowledge the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar had and used to enhance and preserve their service to others philosophical and spiritual path.

Chartres Cathedral was built by spiritual Adepts who cognized their information and techniques by studying ancient documents they recovered from the Ark of the Covenant.

They did not choose the location for their cathedral randomly and they built it as a place where one would always easily connect to God’s energies of Love and Light.

Thousands of years ago, Druids of the area held their ceremonies on this special hill which was sacred to them. Several churches and temples, whose remains can still be seen within the Crypt, had also been built there, before the cathedral dedicated “Our Lady” was erected.

The hill where the Chartres Cathedral was built is a conjunction point for special energetic currents called by some “telluric currents.” Basic observations show those energy currents, or flows, to be connected to underground water currents flowing below to the cathedral. However, these underground currents are merely consequences. In order to fully understand the nature of the powerful underlying spiritual energies, one has to understand on a wider scale the energy flows within the planet.

All life in our solar system is sustained by the energies from the sun, the consciousness some ancients called Re or Ra. Planet Earth and all life on it constantly receive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, energies from the sun. Those energies are brought in through a special connection which both planet Earth and the sun share. In fact, the sun has a connection with all of the planets in the solar system through special energy tubes. Those tubes began to be observed by scientists who called them “wormholes in space.” However, these wormholes or transdimensional connections are everywhere and are a primary means of energy communication throughout the universe.

An ancient physics law states, “as above, so below.” Thus, Earth receives energies from the sun through this energy tube and upon entering Earth’s the magnetic sphere, they are forwarded by other energy tubes. The intertwining and complexity of energy exchanges on the planet create entangled patterns looking, upon visualization, like grids.

Some new age charlatans boast that they are knowledgeable about the “planetary grids”, to which they give a variety of esoteric properties. But those people and their belief systems are merely unable to explain those “planetary grids”, or to understand that those so-called “grids” are really the result of energetic connections bringing together the planet’s life force energies to create a whole.

These energy tubes carry life force energies from the sun through and around the planet. And, or course, certain transdimensional main junctions of energy tubes locate very special places for one in a human body. The additional life force energies one experiences in those places temporarily open up one’s body-mind-soul-spirit connection. One is then able to much more easily contact the portion of oneself called Holy Spirit by religion, Light Body by new age adepts and equates to an individual’s spiritual energy fields of consciousness.

Among Chartres Cathedral’s designers and builders, spiritual Adepts of old understood, felt and used the special properties of the location. And so it is that the enhanced spiritual energies of that hill were used as foundations to build this truly living monument to “Our Lady.” However, these energies were for those builders but one part of the wondrous spiritual equation of Chartres Cathedral.

The Knights Templar, upon recovering the Ark of the Covenant and its priceless treasures, could regain the secrets of sacred geometry and use them to build one of the most powerful focusing and enhancing tool for God’s high frequency spiritual energies.

Special combinations of sacred geometry and the ability to redirect Light with specially alchemically designed stained glass allow Chartres Cathedral to be a place where the highest frequency energies of Creation are attracted and stored. Thus, the presence of the Ark of the Covenant within the cathedral during its journey in France, as well as unceasing prayers given to God during centuries and repeated usage of special spiritual techniques, now allow visitors to enjoy a connection to heightened spiritual energies.

Chartres Cathedral is a spiritually powerful place allowing all to reach the comfort of a direct connection to energies proving more or more difficult to connect with in our low frequency technology based society of today.

However, being in a place such as Chartres Cathedral is not to only way to experience the same type of high frequency spiritual energies. Using the free ancient Spiritual Techniques from the Inner Circle and powerful Light Body Activation Techniques, one can rapidly become oneself a mobile spiritually powerful “place.” Light Body Activations allow one to unfold one’s personal connection to God’s high frequency spiritual energies. Once one is able to fully fill oneself with Love and Light as a result of one’s own self healing work, then one can naturally let additional energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light overflow outwards to others. These are the same energies we use to give healing treatments to others.

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