Chartres Secrets

Worldwide Lectures and Demonstrations of the
Wondrous Knights Templar Techniques

Our organization of descendants from the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle is now spread throughout the world.

During the 17th century, the legendary Inner Circle of the Knights Templar spread out around the world. This expansion around the world is now enabling our organization to be able to offer lectures and demonstrations of the Knights Templar Techniques in cities worldwide.

Our presentations of historical information and secrets of the Knights Templar are combined with information about our current work of giving free healing treatments to the orphaned babies and children in South African who are stricken with AIDS.

In addition, we can include in each lecture demonstations of Spiritual Awakening Treatments or “Baptisms” and/or Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatments.

If you would like the nearest location of a lecture, please send us an email with your name; city; province/state; and country.

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