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Baptisms are Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual Awakening Treatments or “Baptisms” of God’s Unconditional Love have been used since ancient times by Master Teachers to give people expansions of consciousness. These Spiritual Awakenings assist people by giving them a taste of bliss and Enlightenment.

Shiva, John the Baptist and Jesus all used the same ancient method of Baptisms to expand people’s spiritual energy fields of consciousness into the 4D level of Cosmic Consciousness.

This wondrous method of consciousness expansion was given to teachers of our organization to assist people on their path and to give them a taste of Enlightenment. Today, these Awakenings and expansions of consciousness are given at all our gatherings.

All Spiritual Awakenings begin with a prayer to God, which enables God to send a continuous flow of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light to the teachers to use in their Baptisms.

A “Baptism” is a gift from God. A Spiritual Awakening Treatment is when God flows units of consciousness through a teacher’s body to another person’s body and spiritual energy fields of consciousness which brings that person closer to Enlightenment. Baptisms consist of helping God give another person complete units of consciousness coming directly from God, the Golden Flower of Life Spheres of Pure Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light.

Spiritual Awakening Treatments create Tunnels of Love and Light between God and people.

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