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The World's Greatest Love Story
(you have never heard about)
Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl

The World's Greatest Love Story of Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl is filled with magical and mystical events that occurred a thousand years ago. This true life story comes from the uncensored family records of Kukulkan (White Buffalo Calf Woman), Quetzalcoatl (Amaru), Jesus (Yeshua), Mary Magdalene (Mother Mary), Thoth Hermes Trismegistus (Viracocha), Seshat, Krishna (Kokopelli), Uloopi and others. We are now using these records to write a series of Mini Books about this Super Enlightened couple who are our ancestors.

Mini Book #1 of this amazing biographical adventure series is filled with their awesome experiences that included levitation, ancient prophecies and working with crystals. There is also some fascinating details about the world's oldest city, Tiahuanaco. Read how this Super Enlightened couple levitated to great heights and was able to access the wisdom that is recorded in ancient crystal skulls. They fully enjoyed life and you can now read about their levitations, teachings and healings as well as how they resurrected the Ancinet Ones' Love Energy Techniques. A thousand years ago, they fully explained the Mysteries of Life and the true history of humanity in their codices or books.

Learn the secret history of the real Stone of Destiny, about the creators of ancient crystal skulls, the builders of Stonehenge, how Quetzalcoatl led Knights Templar to the bible's Ark, used an Ark's map to find the Americas and with Kukulkan used the Ark's crystals to access the Ancient Ones' wisdom and Love Energy Techniques. Read fascinating details about Quetzalcoatl, a royal Scottish Warrior Senior High Priest and Kukulkan, a Mayan Senior High Priestess whose birth was prophesized 4,700 years ago. Experience their magical meeting prophesized by the builders of the Sphinx and their mystical marriage ceremony.

Mini Book #1 is 52 pages of historical facts and spiritual wisdom. $7.50 Buy

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