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Healing Treatments using Ancient Techniques from the Ark of the Covenant as used by the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar have for 900 years protected the purity of the spiritual healing techniques of Jesus and Moses.

At the beginning of every millennium there is a resurgence of the ancient spiritual techniques of Jesus, Moses and their ancestors.

And so it is that we, the 21st century descendants of the original 12th century members of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle, are now, both healing others, and also teaching, those individuals who are ready, these same ancient healing techniques.

We now offer the same ancient Healing Treatments given by the Knights Templar, Jesus, Moses and others.

We give our healing treatments for free to those in need throughout the world.

Email for the location of the nearest Knights Templar Healer in your area of the world. Please send us an email with your name; city; province or state; and country.

Also, if you wish include in your email the name of your specific ailment because we have specialized healing treatments and/or information for Autism, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s and other ailments.

In addition, if you wish to become a healer yourself and help others by properly using the Knights Templar Healing Techniques, there are several ways for you to become an effective healer.

  1. Over a period of 7 months or longer, one receives all of the Basic and Intermediate Knights Templar Techniques, through home study and two 3 Day Seminars, or

  2. After a one month free home study course, attend a special 7 Day Seminar for some exciting and intense spiritual work. In the first half of a 7 Day Seminar, one focuses on the cleansing and healing of oneself using Intermediate Knights Templar Spiritual Techniques. In the second half, one learns to heal others with the Intermediate Knights Templar Healing Techniques.

One has to heal themselves first before one can effectively heal others, as demonstrated in the comparison chart below:

Knights Templar Healing Techniques Comparison

  Knights Templar Healing Techniques Reiki Master
Healing Techniques

Other Forms of
Spiritual Healing Techniques

Prayer before Healing – 5 points Yes – 5 No Yes – 5
Must Be Cleansed of Ego – 10 Yes – 10 No No
Daily Prayers – 10 Yes – 10 No Yes – 10
Daily Light Body Activations - 15 Yes - 15 No No
Ability to Give Healing Energy – 20 Yes – 20 Yes – 20 Yes – 20
  ____________________ ___________________ __________________
Natural Healing Point Score 60 20 35
Specialized Cancer Healing Technique Yes No No
Specialized Autism Healing Technique Yes No No
Specialized Cerebral Palsy Technique Yes No No
Techniques for Parkinson Disease, etc Yes No No
Cancer Healing Techniques Book Yes No No
Autism Information & Techniques Book Yes No No

An amazing life expanding experience unfolds for those who choose the 7 Day Seminar if they wish to add one more day and include a special tour of the Chartres Cathedral. This enables one upon completion of their 7 Day Seminar to use the same spiritual techniques used by the Knights Templar while within the special energies of the Chartres Cathedral built by the Knights Templar.

For more information on upcoming Seminars, email .

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