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The Return of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar began in the 12th century and continued uninterrupted through direct family lineage until the 19th century.

The Knights Templar’s Inner Circle remained active for five and a half centuries after Friday the 13th of October 1307 and the subsequent Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

However, in the middle of the 19th century, a series of simultaneous attempts were made to bring forth the information about The True Jesus by the descendants of the original Knights Templar’s Inner Circle. Unfortunately, this marked the end of the spiritual power of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar, as they were all killed by American and European Christian fundamentalists.

Most of the Scottish Knights Templar Inner Circle came to America in the 17th century, after Christian fundamentalists, known as the Puritans, operating under the false pretenses of being spiritual and open-minded, suddenly slaughtered and maimed huge numbers of innocent men, women and children in England and Scotland. (These same Puritanical fanatics also migrate to America and begin their infamous New England “Witch Hunts”.)

Inner Circle members were murdered by Christian fundamentalists, who hatefully disagree with any version of Jesus other than the dogma given to them by the Roman Empire’s Church. (The consequences to those who personally kill, or help to kill, others because of spiritual beliefs is “Hell”. “God” created “Hell” to contain, for long periods of time, those who hold back the spiritual advancement of others, through murder and/or the theft/destruction of secret spiritual techniques and wisdom. All other “sins”, or actions in life, are merely the experiences of life which result in karmic situations happening to one in their next life. Karma is the method used by God, and the “Lord/Lords of Karma”, to remedy earthly misdeeds. As stated in the Bible, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”. The Lord, in this case, is used to describe one at the Lord level, or Kingdom of Heaven, who helps earthly individuals to make the necessary karmic decisions for their next lifetime, as the consequences of the actions they performed in this lifetime.)

Fundamentalists delude themselves into thinking that they can reach spiritual maturity and enter into “Heaven”. One cannot reach spiritual maturity and enter Heaven if one has anger that blazes within them, from unresolved emotional issues from earlier in their life. Thus, rather than expend their time healing themselves, fundamentalists choose to unleash their negative energies on others. They judge others, try to control the lives of others, while deluding themselves that the spiritual belief systems of others can hold them back, from attaining the state of Enlightenment, or spiritual glow of Magnetic Love and Electric Light, that emanated from the pineal glands/3rd eyes of Jesus’ followers. It is only the fundamentalist’s own hate which holds them back and prevents them from attaining the spiritual levels of Jesus’ followers. (The unleashing of the negative electro-magnetic energies of anger, hate and revenge will destroy the spiritual energies one gains by saying hours of prayers. Thus, in order to relieve themselves of the pressures emanating from their own negative emotional energies, fundamentalists attack others.)

In the 19th century, such individuals would group together at night and wear masks. Thus, with their faces hidden, and in great numbers, these devious, hate-filled individuals felt comfortable when they went out and killed anyone who had a set of spiritual beliefs which differed from their own dogma. Fundamentalists, filled with anger and hate, actually “feel good inside themselves”, when they inflict pain and suffering on others. (In today’s world, these same types of spiritually sick individuals mask their actions by using economic terrorism).

Jesus repeatedly warned people about this form of fundamentalist sickness that is caused by false prophets. Yet, false prophets, by the 21st century, have now taken over all of the “Christian” religions. False prophets occupy many of the pulpits in today’s churches and this is why you have pedophile priests, and worse, in today’s Christian churches of all faiths.

Thus, it was not a total surprise when all of the Inner Circle members were killed by American and European Christian fundamentalists in the mid 19th century. Those who understand the process of reincarnation, understand that bodies come and go, so the real tragedy here was that only a portion of one group’s teachings ever reached the people. All Inner Circle members were killed, and in all groups but one, all of the followers of the Inner Circle members were also slaughtered by masked Christian fundamentalists. However, one group was large enough to survive the murder of their leader and other senior members. Fortunately, their leader was able to spread some information about The True Jesus, and he was one of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle.

And so it was that Joseph Smith, an Inner Circle member in the mid 19th century, was only able to bring forth a very small portion of The True Jesus information before he was killed by a gang of masked Christian fundamentalists, but it was enough time to cause changes. Even a glimmer of The True Jesus can cause great change in oneself and others, and thus began the “Church of The Latter Day Saints”, or Mormons.

While all members of the Inner Circle were murdered, along with many of their wives and children, a number of children did survive. In the 21st century, direct descendants of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, began awakening their ancestral memories. This DNA awakening process of the descendants, was made possible by the information of Cee-Jus, the last of the Great Grand Masters of the Knights Templar Inner Circle.

And so it was that one Inner Circle descendant went into isolation in 2001 to focus on the Cee-Jus information. In this manner, the ancient techniques of Cee-Jus were recovered. Then, the one became the many, by teaching other descendants. In 2004, after several years of working with portions of the techniques, the parts were brought together, and thus the many became the one.

A special Cee-Jus level, (meaning the spiritual level attained by the Great Grand Master), activation occurred on February 5th, 2005. This activation further expanded the levels of Enlightenment, attained in 2004, by awakened descendants of the Inner Circle throughout the world.

It was written that when the one would become the many, and the many would become the one, (united once again by the spiritual techniques of The True Jesus), it would be time, once again, to offer the spiritual wisdom and techniques of The True Jesus to those who are ready.

The Knights Templar Spiritual Techniques are taught in levels. These are the same techniques taught by Jesus and, later, by the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar. (Certain Spiritual Techniques of The True Jesus are available, at no charge, by email – See Knights Templar Spiritual Techniques for more information.)

The Inner Circle Has Returned!

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