Chartres Secrets

Chronological Summary of Events

  • 1114 Bishop of Chartres begins talking openly to others about the Knights Templar.

  • 1115 Hugues de Payens, first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, donates land and funds to build a monastery for St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a Cistercian.

  • 1115 Cistercian monastery complete. St Bernard and many family members of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle move into the monastery.

  • 1118 Orthodox history’s version of the beginning of Knights Templar.

  • 1118 Inner Circle of Knights Templar begin excavations of the Ark and other wondrous deposits of ancient wisdom located throughout Jerusalem and Palestine.

  • 1125 Hugues de Champagne leaves wife, children and kingdom, to join family members of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle in Jerusalem.

  • 1127 Inner Circle of the Knights Templar completes excavations in Jerusalem and Palestine of the ancient manuscripts and artifacts listed in Jesus’ documents located within the Ark.

  • 1128 Knights Templar’s Inner Circle returns to France with the Ark and Stones of the Covenant, along with many other documents and artifacts.

  • 1128 St. Bernard of Clairvaux translates Sacred Geometry and the practical usage of this wisdom of the ancients begins with Gothic Architecture.

  • 1128 Council of Troyes, Hugues de Payens and other Knights Templar present some of their findings in Jerusalem and Palestine to the papal ambassador.

  • 1128 International status given to Knights Templar.

  • 1128 St. Bernard becomes Rome’s official “Patron and Protector” to the Knights Templar.

  • 1128 Hugues de Payens travels to meet with King David of the Scots after the Council of Troyes. King David, after their personal meeting, suddenly donates large areas of land in Scotland to the Knights Templar.

  • 1146 Knights Templar given the ancient Sumerian “Mark of Cain”, a red cross in a circle, as their symbol, by Pope Eugenius III, a Cistercian Pope.

  • 1163 Sacred Geometry from the Ark creates the Knights Templar and Cistercian Gothic Architecture. Building of the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris begins.

  • 1194 Knights Templar and Cistercian Gothic Architecture builds the wonder-filled Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres which, has special stained glass windows whose ancient “Ark” Light enhancing qualities, modern technology 800 years later cannot duplicate.

  • 1209 Pope Innocent III sends 30,000 papal mercenaries disguised as Knights Templar to slaughter the French Cathars. Wearing the Knights Templar red cross on a white overgarment, and under the Pope’s orders, papal mercenaries slaughter approximately 100,000 men, women and children over a 35-year time period, in a futile attempt to eliminate the DNA ancestral memories of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s descendants.

  • 1233 Pope Gregory IX begins the many centuries of the infamous Inquisitions. The Inquisitions are used to kill millions of innocent men, women and children, in an attempt to eliminate the spiritual truths and techniques released by the Knights Templar.

  • 1252 Pope Innocent IV increases the powers of the Inquisition and authorizes the use of torture, secret trials and burning people alive.

  • 1303 French King Philip sends minister to attack Pope Boniface VIII, who later dies.

  • 1304 Pope Benedict, just elected to succeed Pope Boniface VIII, mysteriously dies.

  • 1305 French King Philip’s personal candidate is elected to be Pope Clement V.

  • 1307 French troops from Philip and papal mercenaries from Clement attack Knights Templar in the middle of the night throughout France.

  • 1309 Pope Clement V moves papacy to France.

  • 1314 Jacques de Molay, the last known Grand Master of the Knights Templar is burned alive. As his body burns, he states confessions taken from him during years of torture were devious lies given to him by Philip and Clement. He said both would die before the new year.

  • 1314 As predicted by Jacques de Molay, Philip and Clement both die before the year ends.

  • 1314 The Battle of Bannockburn : Knights Templar’s Inner Circle joins with the Scots and, together, their relatively small force of 8,000 men completely rout a huge English army, that was far larger than the 30,000 battle hardened veterans reported by the orthodox version of history. It is the first, and last time the powers of the Ark of the Covenant are used in battle by the Knights Templar.

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