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It is Your Life, Bliss, Happiness, Unhappiness, Boredom or Depression, It is your Choice, is a Self Help Book and Workshop to Feel Bliss, Prevent Depression and Relieve Boredom. Book contains a variety of special techniques and information about the effects of the energies of Love and Light on a human physical body. Book explains in depth how anger is 100% of the energy of Light and how addiction is 100% of the energy of Love. Techniques to expand the energy of Love and Light in one's life are given, along with techniques for leveling out electro-magnetic energetic imbalances surrounding ones past memories and techniques for removing any unwanted addictions.

Chapters include: “It is A Choice - Bliss, Depression or Boredom”, “Happiness & Unhappiness, Depression & Possession”, “The Power of Love”, “The Destructiveness of Self Anger”, “Addictions are a Choice”, “Death of a Loved One”, “Only God is Perfect”, “How to Easily Repay Karmic Debts”, “Equanimity Technique”, “The Dance of Love and Light”, “Solar Meditation”, “Karma Mantra Yoga” and “True Forgiveness Techniques”.

One’s current life results from one’s past decisions.
One’s future is based upon one’s current decisions.
It is Your Life, Bliss, Happiness, Boredom, Unhappiness or Depression, It is Your Choice.

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Ghost Dance CD, A collection of music that was actualized in combination with prayer and spiritual techniques. This 72-minute CD can be used for spiritual dancing, or just relaxing.

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