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Knights Templar Present Jesus’ Truths and
Build Chartres Cathedral

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar spent several years in planning the Ark’s excavation, recovery and return to the Cistercian monastery of St. Bernard.

When Jesus reburied the Ark, he placed inside documents of his own techniques and teachings, along with the Stones and the documents he had found originally in the Ark of the Covenant. Jesus also buried other documents that would describe, in symbolic language, to a descendant of his, or a pure one of the Davidic Lineage, who had awoken, the locations to other sacred documents and artifacts buried in Jerusalem and Palestine.

Thus, it took years of excavating by the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar to locate and recover all of the buried documents and artifacts. During their time in Palestine, the Scot continued to translate the symbols on the Stones and documents from the Ark.

Copies of translated documents were sent to Bernard of Clairvaux and other family members of the Inner Circle, residing at the monastery. Excitement about newly found documents and information grew each month. In 1125, one well known member of the Inner Circle, Hugues de Champagne, left his wife, children and lands, the size of a kingdom, to join family members in Jerusalem. The arrival of Hugues de Champagne and other family members of the Inner Circle enabled the excavations throughout Palestine to be completed in 1127.

The Inner Circle of the Knights Templar who were in Palestine, then secretly gathered all of the widespread documents and artifacts from throughout the Middle East, together into one location, within their Jerusalem headquarters. Then, in 1128, the Scot and other members of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle returned to France with the Ark and Stones of the Covenant, together with many documents and artifacts.

Bernard of Clairvaux and other family members of the Inner Circle who had remained behind at the monastery, had been quite busy during the excavations. This group had been translating documents and preparing a presentation for Rome, over the years, about the magnificent wisdom and information which the Knights Templar Inner Circle had recovered from the Ark of the Covenant.

Their presentation was carefully and skillfully planned over the years. And so it was that a well-planned presentation, releasing certain information and giving a few artifacts to Rome, was made to the French papal ambassador of Pope Honorius II in 1128. This public presentation created a reaction that would be felt by all of Europe and the western world for centuries.

The presentation was made to a special gathering of influential people at the Council of Troyes in 1128. Hugues de Payens and other Inner Circle members of the Knights Templar made the presentation. The presentation generated the expected wondrous spiritual awakening and reaction, when a number of the truths and documents from The True Jesus were released by Hugues and the Knights Templar, to those gathered at the Council of Troyes.

There was such an immense amount of the electro-magnetic spiritual energies of Love and Light that emanated from the techniques, wisdom, information and artifacts released in their presentation that day, that European kings immediately began donating to the Knights Templar, vast holdings of land, while sons of royalty came from throughout the western world to join the Knights Templar.

Even though Knights Templar rules required that a knight donate all of their possessions to the Order of the Knights Templar, knights of royal birth came from all over Europe to become part of those “Who Knew”.

In that one year of 1128, among other events, international status is given to the Knights Templar. St. Bernard became the official “Protector and Patron” of Rome to the Knights Templar. St. Bernard also began publicly working with the “Sacred Geometry of Solomon” to create the Gothic form of architecture used in building the great cathedrals of France.

After the Council meeting, Hugues de Payens travels to Scotland and meets with the Scottish King David. Suddenly after their meeting, large areas of land in Scotland are given to the Knights Templar and so it went throughout Europe in the year 1128.

This is the openness with which 12th century Europe embraced the Knights Templar and the techniques, wisdom and information which they brought forth to teach to those who were ready.

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