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Three Tamars and Many Marys
Northern Window (Gate of the Initiates). Saint Anne holds her daughter Mary Tamar.

As previously stated, we are direct descendants of the Knight Templar’s Inner Circle. Amongst some of our members’ great, great... great grandmothers were three of the greatest Tamars, or Enlightened Women of the Essenes. Their memories are part of those members’ DNA and can be accessed by using multiple Light Body Activations along with specific spiritual and DNA Ancestral Memory Retrieval Techniques.

One of the woman bearers of the Davidic lineage of Moses/Ankhnaten and David/Tuthmoses III was a Tamar and the daughter of the King of Jerusalem in 588 BC. Tamar and the biblical prophet Jeremiah hid the Ark of the Covenant, the holiest of holies crystal skull and all of the Stones of the Covenant but one, before Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. In one way, you could say it was a family fight, for the Israelites/Egyptians came from the Babylon area of Sumer, located in present day Iraq.

Upon hiding the Ark and its priceless spiritual treasures, Tamar and Jeremiah escaped the “Fall of Jerusalem” by sea. Tamar and Jeremiah took one of the Stones of the Covenant with them. As Jeremiah carved 3 symbols to describe the Ark and its location on the Stone of the Covenant, he explained to Tamar, the history of the Ark, the skull and the Stones.

Obviously Tamar was an Enlightened One but still a wise one knows that the discourse of such sacred knowledge had a specific purpose. The ancient and sacred way of preserving truth for the Advanced Ones who would come in later generations, is to give such wisdom to an Enlightened Tamar who would later give birth to daughters and sons who would become themselves living libraries of the information listened to by their ancestors.

Tamar and Jeremiah traveled beyond the reaches of the upcoming Roman Empire by traveling to Ireland. In the 6th century BC Tamar married an Irish king. Later, their descendants would leave Ireland and migrate through England up into the land of the Picts of Northern Scotland. Thus, is the story of one Tamar in my family.

The saga of the two Tamars begins six hundred years later when an Essene Temple Virgin, a Mary, falls in love with a Joseph, an Essene Enlightened Teacher, also called a Master of the Craft of Life. This Joseph was himself of the Davidic DNA lineage of Moses/Ankhnaten and David/Tuthmoses III. This individual Mary, had been given the name Tamar at birth, just as some women of the era were given the name Mary at birth. Upon leaving the Temple along with the other Temple Virgins as an Enlightened One, she became known as Mary Tamar. This title meant an Enlightened woman named Anne would be called Mary Anne upon leaving the Essene Temple Virgins.

The astrological date of a person’s birth will infuse certain combinations of electro-magnetic energies into one’s physical body and awareness. In other words, the position of planet Earth in relationship to other planets in our solar system will determine certain emotional, or behavioral, characteristics in a person’s physical body. However, it is the position of one’s 10 dimensional solar system within our galaxy which determines the spiritual characteristics of one’s mind and conscious awareness.

The marriage of an Enlightened Joseph and an Enlightened Mary Tamar produced a very special DNA combination of ancestral memories and abilities. This was the combination of DNA memories and abilities the one known as Jesus had sought. And so it was the Earthly Spirit Light Body who became known as Jesus was born into a human physical body.

All Individualized Consciousnesses are born into physical bodies equally, but it helps to have Enlightened parents. Thus, Jesus spiritually matured at an accelerated rate and began traveling to certain Mystery Schools. The Essenes themselves were the remnants of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School of David/Tuthmoses III. Thus, Jesus was easily accepted to study at the Druid Mystery School in Glastonbury, England.

While at the Druid Mystery School, Jesus was permitted to touch the Stone of the Covenant which was carved with strange symbols which no one understood. Jesus upon lifting up the Stone of the Covenant found himself in an electro-magnetically charged atmosphere. Symbols on the Stone of the Covenant filled with Light, Jesus’ hair flared out in an electrically charged energy display and Jesus’ Earthly Spirit Light Body was downloaded with the wisdom contained in the Stone of the Covenant.

And so it was the symbols carved into and the wisdom infused within the Stone by Jesus’ ancestors of Moses/Ankhnaten and David/Tuthmoses III flowed into the Consciousness of Jesus and became part of this DNA.

Jesus married an Essene Temple Virgin, who was an Enlightened One. Her name at birth was Magdalene and she became a Mary by her spiritual work. The Enlightened marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene produced 2 sons and a Tamar.

It is the matriarchy DNA strain of Jesus’ daughter Tamar that results in the periodic resurrection of the true teachings and wisdom from the man known as Jesus the Christ.

The man known as Jesus did not die on a Roman desecrated version of the cross much to the dismay of the conservative leaders of his Jewish religion. Jesus was a leading liberal of his time and he was persecuted for resurrecting many of the ancient Egyptian/Israelite spiritual techniques like the Light Body activations used by Moses/Ankhnaten and David/Tuthmoses III. The man named Jesus went into seclusion after the “Crucifixion” and from that time onward, he only bilocated to his followers. After completing the transferring of his techniques and information into writing and giving them to his wife Mary Magdalene and his daughter Tamar, Jesus performed a Physical Body Ascension on his birthday. Jesus Ascended into the higher dimensional levels of planet Earth.

Mary Magdalene, Mary Tamar and another Mary, then left the Middle East for Gaul, or Southern France. Mary Tamar and her descendants married into European royalty, thereby spreading the DNA ancestral memories of Jesus, Moses/Ankhnaten and David/Solomon throughout the royalty of Europe.

Almost a thousand years later, Tamar of the Scots DNA was combined with the DNA from the Tamars of Gaul to create the physical body for the man who would resurrect the Ark from Jerusalem and create the real Knights Templar.

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