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The Ancient Symbol of The Knights Templar’s Red Cross

Northern Gate of the Initiates. Biblical Prophet Jeremiah holding an Equal Armed Cross.

The symbol of the cross is universal. Whereas one can find many meanings to the plus sign, or symbol of the Cross, the historic background of famous Knights Templar’s Red Cross contains multiple wonders.

The Templar’s Cross originally came from the “Mark of Cain”. This symbol had been created over 5,000 years ago in ancient Summerian times and had been used by the followers of the One God of the “Lord” until they arrived, guided by Moses, in Palestine from Egypt.

The Mark of Cain is symbolized by a Red Cross surrounded by a Circle.

What the Mark of Cain is can be allegorically found in the Genesis chapter of the Bible (Gen. 4:13-16). However the combination of an allegorical writing style and historical facts creates a maze of confusion for many people as they read the Bible and the truth about the Mark of Cain can only be found out by one who “remembers” it.

In Ancient Sumer, those who wore the “Mark of Cain”, showed they were protected by the “Lord” from the “wrath” of “Jehovah”. It symbolized they had left the spiritual path in life of taking from others and had embraced the path of giving to others.

The symbol of the cross within a circle is very ancient and has played an important part in the History of Humanity. The symbol can be found in many cultures and many places around the world. From the ‘Rosy’ Cross of the Rosicrucians to the American Indians’ “Sacred Hoop”, from the “Celtic” Cross to the symbol of certain tribes in Western Africa’s Burkina Faso and Ghana.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus traveled widely throughout the western world, the Middle East and eastward into India, in his spiritual quest to go beyond the state of Enlightenment and into the higher Consciousness levels of Creation. Jesus studied for a while with the Celtic Druids of Glastonbury and learned the spiritual history of the western world. He also learned about the vast number of hidden meanings and spiritual wisdom in the “Celtic Cross”, known in ancient days as the “Mark of Cain”.

To fully understand the esoteric meaning of the Cross, one must understand that you are not your toe, your finger, or even your brain. You are the summation of all your experiences which are electro-magnetically recorded. A “Consciousness”, or “Spirit”, is who you really are, for your physical body is only the “experiencer” for you at this dense level of Creation. Your Consciousness is an electro-magnetic energy field which surrounds your physical body. At the time of birth, your electro-magnetic spiritual energy field of Consciousness densifies a portion of itself and places it inside your baby’s body. This attachment has been called many names including Soul, Atman and Seed Adam. The Soul of a physical body is placed at the “Higher Heart” level. (Editor’s Note: One can locate one’s Higher Heart Center by standing and placing both arms parallel to the ground. The intersection of the line formed by the stretched arms with the center of the body is the location of one’s Higher Heart Center or “Soul”).

Jesus taught early “Christians” who were ready the esoteric process of the Sign of the Cross. In this process one successively touches one’s forehead, chest and shoulders. Those locations are main centers for the electro-magnetic energies of God’s Unceasing Light and Unconditional Love. The chest or Higher Heart is the “Seat of the Soul”, whereas the forehead is directly connected to the pineal gland or “Third Eye” which was called by ancient philosophers the “Gateway to the Soul”. The process starts with placing water on the forehead or “Third Eye” area to awaken a person’s pineal gland. Then, one’s Higher Heart is tapped to awaken and release Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light into the area around the person’s physical body. This process enables part of one’s conscious brain, (the pineal gland), to contact a densified portion of their total Consciousness, (or “Soul”), which is in the Higher Heart. This enables one to have full communication with their total Consciousness, or Spirit, which is the electro-magnetic spiritual energy field which surround a human body.

Following True Jesus’s teachings, early Christians would activate their Light Body, thereby fully balancing the mental and emotional energies of their Consciousness. The tapping of each shoulder signified the full activation of both their mental and emotional energies. Now, without proper Light Body Activations, all that remains of these powerful techniques in today’s Roman Catholic Church is the process of wetting yourself in four places.

Early in the 12th century, the first Knights Templar uncovered Jesus’ Truths from the Ark of the Covenant. There, they found a wealth of spiritual information and techniques including, but far from being limited to, the Light Body Activations and the “True Cross of Christianity”. It is therefore no surprise that the Knights Templar received from Pope Eugenius III in 1146 the “Mark of Cain” as a symbol for their knight order. In the symbol of the Knights Templar’s Red Cross the circle has been dropped and the design stylized to display the “croix pattée” which contains many geometrical properties and esoteric secrets. But that is an other story.

The “Croix Pattée

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