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Moses and The Ark

Northern Gate of the Initiates. Moses holding Stone Tablet and a Temple Column with a Winged Serpent on top.

The combination of an allegorical writing style and historical facts creates a maze of confusion for many people as they read the Bible.

Allegorical writing styles are used in sacred scriptures so that those who are not ready cannot access sacred information and techniques until they are ready. Those who have maintained the purity of their scriptures are the ones who are supposed to teach those who think they are ready, to become ready.

Unfortunately, the purity of scriptures is easily lost, and soon no one understands or performs the sacred techniques that enables one to access and understand the sacred information in scriptures. From time to time someone goes into seclusion for years and attains a level of Enlightenment that enables them to resurrect, or bring back to life, the ancient sacred information and techniques.

Moses was such an individual. Moses was known as the mystical Pharaoh Ankhnaten when he lived in Egypt and became known as Moses upon leaving Egypt. Moses/Ankhnaten attained his level of Enlightenment through DNA ancestral purity, daily usage of prayers, meditations and spiritual techniques, as well as a period of time in complete seclusion known historically as the exile of Ankhnaten.

Moses/Ankhnaten had been in exile once, so what was so important to Egypt that the army was dispatched to bring him back to Egypt? It was what Moses took with him out of Egypt that enraged the Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians and Israelites were from the same “tribe” that left Sumer. Each of the 8 tribes who left Sumer carried with them their direct energetic connection to Sumer as well as to the history, sacred information and Ascension techniques of the entire white race. Each tribe built a container in which to house their energetic connections. And so it was that a tribe of ancient Egyptians and Israelites built the Ark of the Covenant in order to house their holiest of holies, a large clear quartz crystal skull which energetically connected them with the incredible multi-dimensional energies from the 3rd to the 10th dimensional levels available from the Rose Quartz Crystal Skull of Humanity.

Each of the 5 races had been given 9 crystal skulls, one was Amethyst and 8 were clear Quartz skulls. The center of each race would keep the Amethyst skull, while the clear quartz skulls would spread outward in the 8 directions from the center. And so it was the Amethyst skull remained in Sumer for the entire white race and one of the clear quartz skulls traveled with the Egyptian/Israelite tribe to ancient Egypt in the Ark of the Covenant.

The Patriarchs of the Bible are the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. David and Solomon are the exploits of one man, the Pharaoh Thothmoses III. Thus, one finds that the “Songs of Solomon”, etc. are copies made from ancient Egyptian scriptures, especially from the time of Thothmoses III who founded the ancient Egyptian Mystery School.

Moses/Ankhnaten was a direct descendant of Thothmoses III and schooled in the information and techniques from the ancient Egyptian Mystery School. As Egypt began to worship beings at different levels of Creation instead of the “One God”. Moses/Ankhnaten took his followers and the Ark of the Covenant out of Egypt.

Moses/Ankhnaten took his followers and the Ark out of Egypt through the swampy Red Sea marshes so the heavy chariots of the Egyptian army could not pursue the group of ancient Egyptians who became known as the Israelites. This historical event became allegorically written up as Moses parting the Red Sea hundreds of years later when the Israelites began writing the Old Testament while being held captive in Babylon, of Sumer, now called Iraq.

Thus, Moses/Ankhnaten and his followers of the “one God” left Egypt with the Ark of the Covenant containing the holiest of holies together with his followers, the ancient Egyptian/Israelites. Therefore, when the Bible allegorically states Moses/Ankhnaten went up the mountain to speak with God, the allegorical meaning is that Moses went into complete seclusion and in his spiritual practices, he spoke or communicated with God to receive something more. (Allegorical communications with God, typically means one has communicated with one’s own activated levels of Consciousness, or the higher dimensional levels of our planet’s Group Consciousness.)

The allegorical representation in the Bible where Moses/Ankhnaten receives tablets written on the “front and back”, means that Moses received general information, (front), for all of his followers as well as receiving sacred information, (back or hidden), for the most spiritually advanced followers and his successors.

Thus, Moses/Ankhnaten carved certain symbols of information upon the rock that came to be called the Stone of Destiny, just like other ancient Enlightened Egyptian/Israelite Pharaohs had done. Inside the Ark, Moses’ great... great grandfather Thothmoses III had also carved symbols on the Rock of Israel that became the Stone of Destiny.

And so it was that the Ark of the Covenant contained the energetic link to Sumer and to the Rose Quartz Crystal Skull in “The Spine of the Dragon”.

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