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Roman Empire’s Church Strikes Back with Inquisitions to Eliminate Knights Templar for Bringing Out Jesus’ Truths

The Roman Empire Church’s teachings contain only a glimmer of the flame of the Light which emanates from the wisdom and spiritual techniques of The True Jesus. However, even a glimmer is sufficient for truly spiritually oriented people to attain Enlightenment, but, to attain Enlightenment, one must give up their ego-driven desires for recognition, money, power and excessive comforts in life.

Thus, continuing to be a spiritually oriented individual, while being a Pope, or high ranking church official, within the opulent wealth of the Roman Empire’s Church, was not easy. Many spiritually oriented Popes and officials quickly became spiritually corrupt, from the massive amounts of adoration given to them by the masses, because this meant they did not have to perform all of their daily spiritual techniques. They could just take spiritual energies from others, and not return them. In addition, there was the great wealth of the Roman Church that also corrupts one, by taking time from one being able to perform all of their daily spiritual duties. Spiritual corruption, leads to moral and ethical corruption, and so it was that the Roman Empire’s Church continued to have problems at the highest levels.

One could say that the 12th century Popes, who opened up their hearts and minds to the priceless spiritual wealth of the Knights Templar, were the good Popes. Then, came the bad Popes of the 13th century who desperately tried to destroy the truths of the Knights Templar, by slaughtering millions of innocent men, women and children with their Inquisitions, that began officially in 1233, and unofficially in 1209.

However, in the early golden days of the Knights Templar in the 12th century, spiritual truths from Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant filled the hearts and minds of the many who were ready. Using ancient documents on Sacred Geometry found in the Ark, Gothic Architecture is introduced by the Knights Templar and Cistercians to build great houses of worship throughout France, the wondrous Notre Dame Cathedrals.

True Gothic Architecture is more than just beautiful and functional. The Gothic Architecture, created by the Knights Templar and Cistercians, was a method of building large structures in a unique way, that used the natural currents of the spiritual electro-magnetic energies which flow around our planet to amplify the spiritual energies received by those praying and meditating inside their cathedrals. The great cathedrals of France were built in a special manner, that enhanced natural currents of spiritual energies, a process which elevated the spiritual levels of those individuals inside their cathedrals. In the last half of the 12th century, construction began on several Knights Templar/Cistercian Cathedrals that were dedicated to Mary Magdalene, as mother of Jesus’ children. And so it was that the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris begins construction in 1163, followed by the wonder-filled Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres in 1194.

All things change, and by the 13th century the Roman Empire’s Church becomes extremely concerned about the spread of truth by the Knights Templar. This is because The True Jesus described by the Knights Templar and supported by documents, as well as artifacts like the Wedding Chalice of Jesus and Mary, conflicted greatly with Roman Emperor Constantine’s version of the life of Jesus when he devised the Roman Empire’s Church in 325 A.D.

The economic welfare of the Church’s hierarchy was being threatened by the end of the 12th century, because people, from kings to paupers, were giving their money to the Knights Templar, instead of making their expected perpetual contributions to support the extravagant lifestyle of the Roman Empire Church’s hierarchy.

Early in the 13th century, rumors began circulating that the Knights Templar had hidden the Ark and Stones of the Covenant among the Gnostic Cathars in France. (Cathar is the name given to a person of the Cathari sect in Gnostic Christianity. Cathars were known as “The Pure Ones”). Rumors were spreading at the Roman Empire Church’s highest levels that some of the people among the Cathars, (who were some of the actual descendants of Mary and Jesus), were now consuming the ancient Sacred Bread, or Manna, to regain the usage of their parents’ ancestral memories, recorded at their DNA level.

Knowing that Sacred Bread, prepared in the proper way, would resurrect the truth, and also one’s spiritual powers and fearful of losing their wealth and positions of power to the truth, the Roman Empire’s Church strikes back. Under the guidance of Pope Innocent III, 30,000 papal mercenaries are sent to the French Cathars. These cowardly mercenaries disguised themselves as Knights Templar and spent 35 years trying to locate the Ark and Stones of the Covenant. Under papal orders to kill any descendant of Mary and Jesus that could threaten Rome with the truth, these despicable mercenaries slaughter approximately 100,000 men, women and children over a 35-year period.

After years of torturing and slaughtering thousands of innocent men, women and children, the Pope’s mercenaries were still unable to find the Ark and Stones of the Covenant. Thus, with their monetary wealth continuing to erode and the Knights Templar information of The True Jesus continuing to spread, the Roman Empire’s Church officials and Pope Gregory IX unleashed their infamous Inquisitions. The Inquisitions of the Roman Empire’s Church officially begin in 1233. Millions of innocent men, women and children were tortured, killed and maimed, over hundreds of years, in an attempt to destroy completely the words and techniques of The True Jesus.

In 1252, dissatisfied with the slow progress of returning power and wealth to Rome, Pope Innocent IV increases the power of the Inquisitions. The Pope specifically authorized the use of torture on men, women and children, in order to extract “confessions”. In addition, secret trials were authorized in order that charges could be made in secret against anyone suspected of believing and following a different spiritual philosophy of life, other than the path devised by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D. Those accused of heresy in these secret trials were given two choices. Those accused of heresy could confess to the Dominicans, who staffed the Inquisitions, and be burned alive, or they could deny the charges, after which they would be immediately judged guilty by the Dominicans and be burned alive.

Near the end of the 13th century, a French king named Philip was spending huge amounts of money on his own personal desires, rather than helping the French people. Philip was also borrowing large sums of money from the Knights Templar, but even all that wasn’t enough to satisfy his greedy ambitions. Thus, Philip turned his greed for more money toward the Roman Empire’s Churches in France. He began taxing the French churches of Rome and their clergy.

This was another financial setback for Rome. Thus, the Roman Empire’s Church decided to hold a special celebration in Rome. Those who come to Rome in the year 1300, and also give large sums of money to the Roman Empire’s Church, will be forgiven of all of their sins in life, no matter how grievous the sins are that they have committed in their life.

However, even the great mass of wealth that flows into Rome during the year 1300 is insufficient to satisfy the desires of the Roman Empire’s Church. Thus, in 1302 Pope Boniface VIII decides to confront Philip over his taxing of churches and declares all kings to be subject to the Pope’s authority. Philip retaliates by sending a French minister to physically assault the Pope, who later dies. The next Pope was not liked by Philip either, and Pope Benedict also dies mysteriously, shortly after becoming Pope. Under these conditions, Philip’s personal candidate is elected to become the next Pope, the infamous Clement V.

Philip and the Pope decide that, together, they can solve both Philip’s and Rome’s problems by eliminating the Knights Templar. Philip would get all of the Knights Templar’s monetary wealth and Rome would get all of The True Jesus documents and artifacts that were undermining the Roman Church’s version of Jesus, devised by Constantine.

And so it was to obtain priceless spiritual wealth and the usual monetary wealth, that, in the middle of the night, French troops and papal mercenaries attacked, murdered, maimed and imprisoned Knights Templar throughout France. However, both Philip and Clement were quite disappointed by the results of their despicable actions. All of the spiritual and monetary wealth, along with the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar, had already left France.

High level French Knights Templar were tortured horribly for years, in a futile attempt to locate the treasures. All Knights Templar were subjected to horrific torture until they confessed to taking part in outlandish rituals. The “confessions” extracted by torture were carefully written up by Philip and Clement so that the Knights Templar’s “confessed” sins would be so horrid, their “confessions” would sicken everyone. The “confessed” lies about supposed secret rituals performed by the Knights Templar, were so horrific that many people did turn against the Knights Templar’s ideals, wisdom and techniques.

In 1314, after 7 years of torture, Jacques de Molay, the last known Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is burned alive. As his body burns, he states that all of the confessions extracted from him, during years of torture, were devious lies written for him by Philip and Clement. He also stated that both Philip and Clement will die before the new year.

As predicted by Jacques de Molay, while he was being burned alive, both Philip and Clement die before the year 1314 ends.

The Knights Templar’s Inner Circle, and those French knights, who migrated to Scotland, join together with the Scots to defend Scotland. England attacks Scotland in 1314 for giving sanctuary to the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar and the Scots, with their relatively small force of 8,000 men, completely rout a huge English army, that was far larger than the 30,000 battle hardened veterans reported by the orthodox version of history, for papal mercenaries were not considered Englishmen, in counting the number of troops. At a result of this complete military disaster, both the Pope and England leave Scotland alone, and the Scots achieve their independence from England.

It is the first, and last time, the powers of the Ark of the Covenant are used in battle by the Knights Templar.

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