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The Fabled Battle of Bannockburn

Much has been written in recent history about the Knights Templar. But the true knowledge of the Knights Templar was confiscated by the Roman Empire’s armies, spies and minions. All Knights Templar materials, books, ceremonies, techniques, etc. were declared heresies. All such information, knowledge and materials were immediately delivered to the Roman Empire’s puppet government, their “Roman Catholic” church, (which as you see does not contain the name of Jesus the Christ in any way). Thus, all the Knights Templar knowledge, techniques and writings were destroyed or are buried in the subterranean vaults beneath Rome’s Vatican City. (In the early 1980’s, a direct descendant of the Knights Templar’s Inner Circle spent time in the subterranean vaults of Vatican City. So if the Roman Empire’s “Catholic church” refutes this information, then let an independent delegation of liberal Christians and Tibetan Buddhists be formed and allow them access to ALL the Vatican’s subterranean vaults.)

The publicly known history of the end of the Knights Templar began when the service-to-self Roman Empire’s minions, the papacy sent the dark forces’ Catholic Inquisition teams to join with the armies of all the European kings who were afraid of excommunication, which was everyone but Scotland, and they killed all the Knights Templar they could. Those captured and not killed immediately were tortured to death by Catholic Inquisition teams. Remnants of the Knights Templar went to Scotland and were offered asylum if they would help fight the English for Scottish freedom.

In June 1314, King Edward II, (the cowardly king in “Braveheart” who did indeed torture Wallace to death), gathered a 100,000-man army of Englishmen and papal mercenaries to once and for all eliminate the Scots. Thus it was that 100,000 heavily armed knights and fighting mercenaries marched north to Bannockburn. The Scots could only gather 8,000 lightly armed men to face the 100,000. The slaughter had begun, when suddenly, the battle conchs sounded. The sound froze everyone on the battlefield, for it was a sound unused for over a thousand years. And then down the valley, came the 700, the remnants from the Roman Empire’s massacres of the Knights Templar, battle flags flying and hauling the battle conchs.

King Edward and 100,000 combat veterans and experienced battle hardened mercenaries took one look at the sight of 700 Knights Templar coming with the battle conchs and they ran. They fled, running in all directions, anywhere but away from the Knights Templar who were enraged at the slaughter of their fellow Knights Templar. This was not a retreat, it was 100,000 frightened battle hardened men fleeing for their lives from the 700 Blue Knights, ending the Knights Templar story and began a period of Scottish freedom. (Due to their incredible defeat, the English counted only free Englishmen as soldiers in the army. Thus, on paper, the English reduced the size of their army from 100,000 to 30,000.)

The Knights Templar were unsurpassed in battle. They used the same ferocity and had the same dedication to mental and emotional balance found in the Samurai warriors of old Japan. The Knights Templar, like the Samurai warriors, never fought with anger for that would have lowered their spiritual level of Consciousness and decreased their fighting abilities. One needs to contain any anger generated by the emotions of a physical body; anger is an unbalanced energy that disconnects one’s physical body’s brain from communicating with one’s total Consciousness, their Soul and Spirit.

In combat, the Knights Templar would use their “inner sight” to “see” the atrocities committed against others by their service to self oriented opponents. Then as the emotions of anger toward the enemy erupted within their physical bodies, they would contain the anger in a red sphere of rage. They then used the red sphere of rage to energize their heightened fighting abilities to the highest possible levels. At the same time, they used their spiritual techniques to remain in their normal expanded state of Consciousness, while using the red sphere of rage to combat service to self oriented opponents.

As seen previously in this section, the information and techniques of the Knights Templar came from various sources. We discussed how it was arranged for the first member to be the epic center of 3 unique strains of DNA ancestral memories. Through DNA ancestral memory retrieval techniques, he and the early member of the Knights Templar were able to locate and decipher a wealth of wisdom and techniques from the Ark, including Light Body Activation techniques.

One of the strain was connected to the bloodline of the Picts and allowed the Knights Templar to access ancient and wondrous information. In recorded history, very little is known about the origins of the Picts. However, they were well known to be fierce warriors who painted themselves in blue. Many thousands of years ago in the Raja Pura Valley in India lived the “Blue Race” of humanity. A race of blue skinned people, just like others today are brown, yellow, red, white or black. Only legends now remain about the blue race. However, both Shiva and Krishna were from the blue race. Through the teachings of Shiva, the members of the Blue Race accessed the entire story of Creation and, in time of need, cognized higher level spiritual techniques and Light warrior techniques. Siddhi is the eastern name given to such Light Body Activation based powers that the Knight Templars also used to further enhanced their warrior skills.

And so it was that the Knights Templar accessed various spiritual powers or Siddhis, through DNA ancestral memories. But, all their fighting skills were only part of their abilities. Their main skills lay in their spiritual abilities, for without the daily Activations of their Light Bodies, their fighting abilities would be limited to that of a normal man. The only correct way of fighting, the way known to the Knights Templar, lies within the expansion and balancing of Consciousness through constant infusions of Unceasing Light and Unconditional Love. The Unconditional Love state of Consciousness is obtained and maintained through the daily practice of prayers, meditations, Light Body Activations and the proper helping of others.

In addition to those wondrous spiritually enhanced fighting abilities, the Knight Templars utilized sounds generated by battle conchs blown with heightened spiritual energies emanating from the Ark. The Ark of the Covenant was indeed used against the English at Bannockburn. This was the first, and last, time the powers of the Ark of the Covenant were used in battle by the Knights Templar. Such a deployement of spiritually enhanced powerful features by 700 Blue Knights could not be confronted by over 100,000 opponents. And so it was that King Edward’s soldier and mercenaries fled for their lives.

After the English and papists ran away, the Ark of the Covenant was melted down and the Knights Templar publicly disbanded as a group. The Ark was dismantled, melted down and the gold was used to build secret churches for the remaining Knights Templar, who daily practiced and prayed using the secret techniques of the Inner Circle. These few were all who survived the Roman Church’s Catholic Inquisitions. All of the books about the Knights Templars’ techniques and teachings were then destroyed after being memorized by the Knights Templar Inner Circle members. In this manner, the secret knowledge, teachings, techniques and powers of Knights Templar have been carefully guarded throughout the centuries with the very lives of many of the Inner Circle descendants and secretly transferred from generation to generation through DNA ancestral memories.

Northern Gate of the Initiates. A scene of slaughter. A caracter is holding the Ark with a viel.

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