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Trinity Healing Techniques
Life Expanding 3 Day Seminars

Our Three Day Trinity Healing Techniques Seminars enable people to reach and maintain an Enlightened state of Consciousness for three full days, and a lifetime if so desired.

Each participant will be given the detailed instructions and spiritual techniques to enable them to maintain their Enlightened state of Consciousness after the Seminar. However, it is, as always, up to each individual to retain their Enlightened state of Consciousness after the three days.

The flow of Unconditional Love used in Trinity Healings enables one to retain a state of Enlightenment during everyday activities. The more Trinity Healing Treatments one gives to others, the better one feels, because these techniques also expand the size of one’s own Light Body while they effectively and properly heal others. There is an ancient law in Physics that states, “The more energy one gives in the proper way, the more energy one receives in the proper way”.

Massive amounts of the electro-magnetic energies of Love and Light are used in our Dances Into Enlightenment and in our Trinity Healings. One learns by joyfully dancing and playing within the electro-magnetic energies of Love and Light, how to work with these wondrous healing energies. Once one is filled with the electro-magnetic energies of Love and Light, and has learned to work with the electro-magnetic energies of Love and Light in the Dance, then one is ready to learn how to focus the electro-magnetic energies of God’s Love and Light in the proper way to effectively heal others.

Most people have only experience the awareness of their brain and their own physical body’s feelings during their lives. However, those who spend hours, each week, in prayer and/or meditation, learn to go beyond mere bodily awareness into the wondrous state of conscious awareness, during long periods of prayer and/or meditation.

Only a few individuals expend the necessary time, and devote the hours each day and every day for years, that will properly expand their spiritual muscles. Expanded spiritual muscles are required if one is to consciously expand their bodily awareness beyond conscious awareness and enter into the mystical state of Consciousness, available within their own Earthly Spirit Light Body, and reach Enlightenment in this lifetime.

Combining Light Body Activations with the Dance Into Enlightenment enables one to bring the energies of God’s Unconditional Love into action. Once accustomed to this wondrous state of conscious awareness in action, then one’s conscious awareness can be expanded into the bliss of Consciousness through the usage of “sound signatures”. These special sound vibrations enable one’s conscious awareness to expand into Consciousness. The expanding of awareness and conscious awareness into Consciousness allows one to visit the Angelic and Archangelic dimensional levels of our planet.

These wondrous Three Day Seminars are only taught away from one’s home. We go to a retreat or hotel for our seminars, so one is not distracted by their usual 3rd dimensional activities and/or memories. The retreat format for these seminars enables one to remain in the Enlightened state of full Consciousness for all three days.

The pre-requisite for a Three Day Trinity Healing Techniques Seminar is 3 months of daily practice using the Light Body Activations, plus a sincere desire to give others the comfort of Trinity Healing Treatments.

Daily practice of the Whole Brain Thinking Techniques is recommended, but it is not a pre-requisite.

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