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One-Day Self Healing Seminar

A Powerful Transformation into Wellness

The One Day Self Healing Seminar consists of learning powerful spiritual techniques and receiving a wondrous Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatment. This One Day Seminar enables one to use the electro-magnetic energies of God’s Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light for self healing.

  • Self Healing Lecture - Discover the underlying need for self-love and forgiveness in order for healing to take place. Learn how all disease is related to a past life karmic debt or an opportunity to pass a current life spiritual test

  • Discussion of Karma – True gratitude for all of the events that have unfolded, and are unfolding, in one’s life, together with an understanding of karma and spiritual tests, are the keys to one’s personal emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Karma Clearing Meditation - A special all encompassing and transformative, healing and cleansing guided meditation which works on many levels, cutting karmic ties, as well as releasing energetic blockages and limitations.

  • Judgment Day Technique - A point value system which enables one to self administer and self determine one’s current karmic level in this lifetime. A unique exercise which paves the way for the healing of deep-seated emotions.

  • Karma Fire Ceremony - A special Fire Ceremony that provides for the rebirth of a person in this lifetime using an ancient method which transforms negative memories into neutral experiences.

  • Forgiveness Meditation - A cleansing and balancing meditation that releases energy blockages through a forgiveness technique which enables one to forgive one’s self and others for the emotional, mental and physical incidents in one’s past.

  • Vision of Possibilities – Discover amazing techniques that will allow you to continue the healing transformation begun in this One Day Seminar.

  • Experience a Natural Spiritual Healing Treatment – In completely forgiving oneself and others, one becomes ready to be completely healed with a flow of the electro-magnetic energies of God’s Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light.

Email to locate or coordinate a One Day Seminar in your area. Please include in your email, your name, city, state/province, and country.

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