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Healing Treatment

Members of our organization includes descendants of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar. Accordingly, we have access to 100 individuals throughout the world who give Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatments.

A Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatment is one that uses an electro-magnetic energy transfer from the healthy physical body and the expanded Light Body of a spiritually advanced individual, while in the state of Enlightenment, to heal others.

The Natural Healing Techniques Healer’s transference of highly charged electro-magnetic energies flows down to the cellular level of a specific injured or diseased part of the body. In summary, Natural Healing Techniques work at the cellular level using highly charged electro-magnetic energies to replace damaged cells with new cells. This process uses the ancient form of natural stem cell replacement, for when the proper level of charged electro-magnetic energies is combined with human DNA, stem cells are created. This same process is used by a healthy individual’s body to constantly reproduce new cells for all parts of itself.

(Results vary depending on an individual’s chosen receptivity to the energies of a Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatment. For those who can "Be as little children.", those individuals, are the ones who have the wonderful results.)

The Natural Spiritual Energy Healers have specialized healing treatments for AIDS, Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s Disease. They also have general Natural Healing Treatments for all other forms of dis-ease.

Natural Healing Techniques Healers are available worldwide. Schedule a Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Treatment in your area of the world. Please send us an email with your name, city, state/province, country to .

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