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NEWOur One Day Gathering is an all day event that will forever change your life. Hear esoteric secrets from 1,980 year old records about the one people call Jesus and his real name. Learn about Jesus’ wife and children, how he walked on water, secrets behind the sign of the cross, secrets about the Old Testament, etc. Receive Jesus’ Sacred Anointing Oil, Perform Jesus’ Ancient Miracle Water Consumption Ceremony, Receive a Spiritual Awakening Energy Baptism, Remove Stress by Dancing in God’s Energies of Unconditional Love, Receive an Enlightenment Treatment using Ancient Teraphim and enjoy a Love Energy Activation Ceremony.
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We are the direct descendants of the Belgian, French and Scottish members of the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar who built the Chartres Cathedral and we welcome you to our website.

We are the great... great grandsons and granddaughters of the Knight Templar’s Inner Circle.

Accordingly, we have been safeguarding certain ancient Knights Templar secret techniques and information. Each day we practice the same Advanced Spiritual Techniques that were performed daily by our ancestors who were members of the Knights Templar’s legendary Inner Circle.

We have chosen to live our lives in accordance with the Knights Templar tradition of service to others. We teach certain techniques for free and share certain knowledge from ancient times. We also donate to those in need, the proceeds we receive from giving our healing treatments to others. Our healing treatments use the same Knights Templar knowledge which the Inner Circle obtained in the year 1127 AD from the Stones, or Tablets, that were located inside of the Ark of the Covenant. We also gather together periodically as a family in South Africa where we give free healing treatments to orphaned babies and children who are dying of AIDS.

Again, welcome and enjoy our information which we have separated into the following sections:

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Our Service to Others


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